Coming up 2017

An article/interview on the romanian blog Barbaria regarding the soon to be released Trespass trio CD “The spirit of Pitesti”

New LP/CD w Angles 9. “Disappeared behind the sun”. Releasedate 17th of January 2017 on Clean Feed records. Pre listen to the tune “Pacemaker”here at OJ , where u also find  the teaser from the whole album.

Already in December 2016 Angles 9 seven inch single was released on Omlott records.

New LP/CD “Threnody, at the gates” w Steve Noble/Johan Berthling/Martin Küchen on Trost Records. Release in February/March 2017.

New CD w Trespass trio “The spirit of Pitesti” in  March 2017. On Clean Feed Records.

CD w all the material from the two LPs “Four lamentations and a wicked dream of innocence” and “The pity of it all” w Landaeus trio. Out on Moserobie spring 2017.

New CD w Fracture Mechanics (Beins/Capece/Vogel/Küchen) out on Mikroton Recordings in April 2017.

New solo LP/CD “Lieber Heiland, laß uns sterben” recorded in the crypt of  Lunds Cathedral, Sweden on SOFA records. Preliminar release August/ September 2017.

Releases in preparation: trio w Anders Lindsjö and Raymond Strid, duo w Anders Lindsjö.

CD -box w The Heat death.

Angles 3 (Nordeson/Håker-Flaten/Küchen) with live recordings from Parede, Portugal.



Coming up 2016

releases: The pity of it all – Martin Küchen & Landaeus trio (Moserobie)
The bakery – duo w Keith Rowe (Mikroton)
The Heat Death – 3 box CD (Clean Feed Records)
Angles 9 – new release, scheduled for the fall of 2016
Fracture Mechanics. CD.

in trio w Ingebrigt Håker Flaten and Kjell Nordeson. Concerts, recordings.

Archived news section:

Coming up 2015

Upcoming releases 2015 :

All Included. CD/LP “Satan in plain clothes”. Release March 2015. Clean feed records.

Bauchredner – duo w Dimitra Lazaridou – Chatzigoga. CD. Release spring 2015. Cathnor recordings.

Küchen & Müntzing Scheibenhonig. Duo. Release 2015. CD.Improv. hu label.

Martin Küchen & Landaeus trio. New LP. Out in September 2015(delayed until 2016) Moserobie.

All Included trio. No Business. LP. Autumn 2015.

Duo w Keith Rowe. Mikroton. CD. Release end of 2015.

Fracture Mechanics. CD. Limmonable. 2015.

CD “Night in Europe” w new trio w Steve Noble and Johan Berthling. No Business Records. Out September 2015.

The KTHKTT – ensemble w Anna Lindal, Erik Carlsson, Keith Rowe, Johan Jutterström, Martin Küchen and Mats Gustafsson
– release of the dance performance w Ryuzu Fukuhara with music composed by Martin Küchen, recorded live at the crypt, Lunds Cathedral, Sweden September 2013. Will be released under its name “Killing the houses, killing the trees”. Mikroton recordings 2017.

solo residency project w Audrey Lauro and Dirar Kalash in Antwerp in April 2015, hosted by Oorstof/Sound in Motion.

Concerts w Angles 9 in Belgium/Holland in May and at Taktlos-festival, Switzerland, also May. Angles 9 also to Copenhagen Jazzfestival (July).

All Included to Artacts-festival, St Johann in Tirol, Austria in March.

Coming up 2014

Recent : two reviews on my solo set in Antwerpen, Belgium, played the 26th of October 2014 (thanks Koen & Christel) – here
and here

Out now: ” INJURIES “ . Angles 9. Double LP and CD. Clean Feed.
5 star review in norwegian Aftenposten

“Four lamentations and one wicked dream of innocence” LP on Moserobie w Landaeus trio

“…and everything inside came down as dust” . New solo release on Confront recordings.
New review here by Brian Olewnick.

videos from my residency in Vienna, Vor Anker (tack till Konstnärsnämnden), taken in October 2013 and January 2014.
Videos from Zwentendorf Atomic plant(build, but never used), Wiener Wasserturm Favoriten, and, together w Mats Gustafsson, a walk in the subterrean Wien. Thanks to Johannes Heuer for doin the films!

Zwentendorf Atomic plant, “React Reactor”

Wiener Wasser

A walk along below (w Mats Gustafsson)

Releases in preparation:

Duo w Dimitra Chatzigoga -Lazaridou.

vinyl 7 inch. Duo w Seijiro Murayama. Out on Four Dimensions, May 2014.

Coming up 2012/2013

on new lists/poll for 2012:
El Intruso poll 2012
Stef´s Freejazzblog
on Sound of Music best of 2012

New interview on belgian Kwadratuur

New video from Angles 10 in Saalfelden made by George Staicu

New LP w ANGLES 9 out on Clean Feed in August 2013. “In our Midst”

New LP w Looper, “Matter” , finally ready and released on the Monotype-label

see new proper filmed “In our midst” video here – from Kunstencentrum Belgie October 2012, feature track on the “In our Midst”- LP…..

To listen; “Sarajevo” from the solo LP “Hellstorm”!!

New LP w Angles 9 on Clean Feed, live from Hasselt, due to b released in August 2013

check also new website for ANGLes 9

New dance and music project w Keith Rowe, Ryuzo Fukuhara, Mats Gustafsson, Anna Lindal, Erik Carlsson and Johan Jutterström in September 2013; premier in Stockholm and Lund

New release w Trespass trio w Joe Mcphee on Clean Feed in May 2013 “Human Encore”

In preparation: double CD w Seijiro Murayama

Coming up 2012 ; new CD with Trespass Trio on Clean Feed – scheduled for release in March 2012.
New solo vinyl on Mathka – scheduled for release in April 2012 @ the New Perspective festival 2012 in Västerås, Sweden.
Singel vinyl release with Murayama/Küchen duo. Scheduled for April 2012.
Angles Octet, Live in Ljubljana. Out on Clean Feed in July 2012.
New CD with Chip Shop Music with Toshi Nakamura.

Here a live extract from a solo concert in Sarajevo in January 2012 – u smell the smoke and the chatting? It was cold, visible air came out of the saxophone! A wonderful evening!
In Sarajevo

A new review in french here:
Le Son Du Grisli

Review on Jazzalchemist from Küchen & Müntzing Scheibenhonig gig in Krakow, Poland in April 2011 l

From the March tour2011 with Taco Bells; Domwloadable stuff on Unobtainables blog in Finland!!
Unobtainables. blogspot

Petra Cvelbar beautiful pictures from Gromka, Ljubljana in March 2011 on FB

Ziga Koritnik lovely pictures from the GROMKA concert 17th of March in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ziga Koritnik pictures on FB

UTube clip from Trespass trio 18th of March 2011 at Ambasada SKM,Beltinci, Slovenia;

Trespass trio live

Two u-tube clips from the finnish tour w Taco Bells
see here:
Taco Bells w mr Küchen; first clip
Taco bells w mr Küchen; second clip

The Nutida Sound award for “The lie & the orphanage”

Nutida Sound award

Being somehow mysteriously polled at El Intruso best of 2010 Poll – too much hashish smoked there obviously

look here: El Intrusu Best of 2010 Poll

New photos by Petra Cvelbar; taken in Slovenia in May and October 2010

New releases:

“Dying Sun” w Looper(Küchen/Zach/ Veliotis)at Cathnor/Another Timbre
Another Timbre

“You can shop around but you won´t find any cheaper” w Chip Shop Music (Lacey/Vogel/Carlsson/Küchen) on Homefront recordings

cassette release with Per Thörn w remix by Leif Elggren