2016  Equality & Death. Angles 9. 7 inch single. Omlott Records

2016 Bagatellen de Martin Küchen/Cifra 01-08 de Johannes Heuer Editions Lenka Lente (curated by Guillaume Belhomme)

2016 Live at Vilnius Jazz Festival. LP. w Mark Tokar and Arkadijus Gotesmanas. No Business Records. 2015.

2016 The pity of it all LP. Martin Küchen & Landaeus trio. Moserobie Records.

2016 The bakery  Duo w Keith Rowe. Mikroton Recordings CD.

2015 “Rop på hjälp” Küchen & Müntzing Scheibenhonig. (Improv HU)

2015 “Night in Europe” . Trio w Steve Noble and Johan Berthling. No Business Records.

2015 “Melted Snow” . Trio w Jon Rune Ström and Tollef Östvang. No Business Records. LP.

2015 “Tyto Alba” w Michal Libera, Ralf Meinz (Bolt Records)

2015 “Bauchredner” . duo w Dimitra Lazaridou-Chatzigoga. Cathnor records (UK).

2015 “Satan in plain clothes”. All Included. CD/LP. Clean Feed records.

2014 “Injuries” . Angles 9. CD/Double LP. Clean Feed records.

2014 “Four lamentations and one wicked dream of innocence” Martin Küchen & Landaeus trio. LP. Moserobie.

2014 “…and everything inside came down as dust…” . Solo. CD. Confront recordings.

2013 “In our midst” . Angles 9. LP. Clean feed records.

2013. “Human encore” . Trespass trio w Joe Mcphee. CD. Clean Feed records.

2013 “Matter” . Looper. Monotype. LP.

2013 “Public/Private” . Chip Shop Music/Atolon. Another Timbre. CD.

2012 “Protocol”
Chip Shop Music w Toshi Nakamura

2012 “Hellstorm – Mann erkannt langsam das Elend dass uber uns gekommen ist” Solo LP. Mathka

2012 “Bruder Beda” Trespass Trio
CF 251 Clean Feed Records

2012 “By way of Deception” ANGLES 8
CF256 Clean Feed Records

2011/2010 Dying Sun

2010 Cassette, limited edition “Live at Martin Bryder gallery”
Martin Küchen & Pär Thörn

2010 “You can shop around but you won´t find any cheaper” Chip Shop Music

2010 “The Lie and the Orphanage” solo

2010 “AT 37” trio with Keith Rowe and Seymour Wright

2010 Angles “Epileptical West – Live from Coimbra”

2010 “Vinter” 4tet w Ernesto Rodrigues, Guillermo Rodrigues, Carlos Santos

2009 Split cd- r w Will Guthrie (Compost & height)

2009 Trespass Trio “…was there to illuminate the night sky…”

2008 Chip Shop Music 4tet w Paul Vogel, David Lacey and Erik Carlsson (Homefront recordings)

2008 “Homo Sacer” solo

2008 Angles “Every woman is a tree”

2008 Agape “Guardaropa Open/closed”

2008 Duo with Erik Carlsson “Beirut”

2007 Exploding Customer “At Your Service”

2007 Looper with John Tilbury MASS Esquilo DVD

2007 Martin Küchen trio (Zanussi/Strid/Küchen)

2006 Exploding Customer “Live at Tampere Jazz Happening”

2005 Music from one of the provinces in the Empire.Solo. Confront collectors series.CCS 3.Released 2005.

2004 Agape David Stackenäs/Martin Küchen.Creative Sources CS.Release spring 2005

2003 Squarehorse Looper.Absurd CD.Released 2004.

2003 Tidszon UNSK. Creative sources CS 014.Released 2004.

2002-03 Filth Pharmacy Sound of Mucus. Ninth world music NWM 028CD.Released 2004.

2002 Bulbs Unsolicited Music Ensemble. Slamcd 250.

2002 Live at Glenn Miller Café. Exploding customer. Ayler Records aylCD-030.

2001-02 Safaris Cloudchamber. Fylkingen FYCD 1020.

2001 irregular Klapper – Küchen. Fylkingen FYSP 1006.. vinyl 7″.Released 2003.

2001 Sing with your mouth shut Solo. Highspeedart CD-R.

1998/9 Repets hjärta with Maria Küchen(poetry) and Sören Runolf. Heartrope Records CD-R 001